“What do you want to do when you grow up?” A simple question carrying dreams for kids, and often doubts for young adults. Y and Z generations have not been spared by disillusion. The economic, technological and social paradigm radically has changed a lot in just a few years. These new employees have strong professional expectations motivated by deep personal values they will not compromise on. They’re just pushing the door of the labor market but, in 2022, is it ready to welcome them?

How to onboard new employees? What are the Gen Z looking for? How to modernize your onboarding process and make it relevant for young talents?

  • Onboarding new employees in a unprecedented context

The first model for employee onboarding dates back to 1979. It is now proven that a successful onboarding process benefits employees’ weel-being, the employer brand and, in fine, the company’s performance.

According to Gallup, great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%. Conversely, only 12% of new hires agree that their company did an excellent onboarding job.

It is even truer for generations Y and Z. Tech RH speakers stated that turnover doubled in the last 20 years. Answering the new generation’s expectations, such as a more flexible work environment and the meaningfulness of the mission, is the biggest challenge of 2022 regarding new employee onboarding.

To help you out on your journey, here are 7 keys to successfully onboard your new talents.

  • Who are the new employees to onboard in 2022?

Gen Z, the persons born at the end of the 90s, already represents 20% of the global workforce. Born in the digital era and coming out of an adolescence stamped by profound society changes, their expectations are far different from their parents’. Numerous young talents start their professional journey in a post-Covid context, when even seniors start to question and challenge the established practices. The new employee defines him.herself by the impact of his.her work: environmental, social, cultural, charitable, innovative, etc. Put the emphasis on your values, CSR engagements and collaborative initiatives.

Gen Z also has all the answers at their fingertips : they are self-taught and quick learners, though they still need support and mentorship to bloom and express their full potential. The onboarding process may be the best time of their journey to communicate you understood that and planned a schedule to support them throughout.

  • Understand new hires’ expectations to onboard them better

According to Mazars and OpinionWay: “1/4 of Gen Z wishes to be their own boss”, and 50% think permanent contracts (editor’s note: in France) are doomed to disappear.

This is the manifestation of new management expectations. Management should be more flexible and understanding to be able to adapt to new talents who strive for a better private / professional life balance: 73% of them expect being able to manage their schedule and hours on their own.

When the labor market is showing at the same time a growing number of available positions and stronger, more affirmative candidates during negotiations, installing a trust-based relationship as soon as the recruitment and onboarding processes may transform “I’m here ‘cause it’s my job”-employees in potential ambassadors.

  • “I was born in it, molded by it.”

We mentioned it, the onboarding process is an employer brand asset. Who, better than your employees, can extend the reach of your brand? Connected on social networks for probably longer than most recruiters, most likely one of your candidates or employees has dozens or hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, Tik Tok or Youtube. An audience who may hear about you ; in a good or bad way, you can act on it. French accounts @Balancetonagency and @Balancetastartup (basically @Calloutyouragency and @Calloutyourstartup), respectively accounting for 193k and 321k followers, mostly students and young workers, relay testimonies of potential abuses.

You got it, Gen Z hires will be your tomorrow’s brand ambassadors. Think, plan, adapt, nurture and update your onboarding process as well as every milestone of the employee’s journey in your company: recruitment process, training, awareness raising, team building, etc. Various key events we can help you with our ready-to-play escape rooms and gamified experiences!

  • Gamification still sounds risky to you? Discover our customers’ testimonials

Far from being disenchanted, generations Y and Z grew up with entertainment market and witnessed the game industry skyrocket to the first place:

– Video games represented €175 bn in 2020
– Music represented €20.0 bn
– Cinema represented €12 bn
– Board games represented €12 bn

Finding a place back in our houses and daily lives throughout the lockdown, games’ roles as a gathering opportunity, a learning tool, a way of creative expression, a stress-relieving moment, etc… became more visible and understood for countless people.

Looking to modernize your onboarding process and make it relevant to your new generation of talents? Choose Collock and gamify your whole employee journey, starting with onboarding!
You only have one chance to make a first good impression.

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