Corporate event ideas

Make your corporate events unforgettable!

Celebrating the company’s birthday, launching a new product, nurturing the relationship with close partners or clients… There are many occasions to organize a corporate event and as many opportunities to wow your participants and make a lasting impression. So be sure it’s the best one!

intern/extern event

Questions to prepare an internal or external event

Who is the audience? All the employees, all the managers, just a branch or a team, customers, partners, prospects, press, etc.?

What is the one thing I want to succeed? Present strategic goals and results, thank the guests for their loyalty through a hardship, celebrate a market breakthrough, etc.?

Do not underestimate the choice of the activity. Your event, whether internal or external, is the reflect of your image, values and culture. The supplier your choose must be able to identify and set up the right format, animation, tone and content.

Collock - Escape game géant

Internal or external event – Collock’s animation services

Escape rooms


Our Game designers customize or custom-design games to help our clients communicate their message while answering their requirements.

Whether it is a public or private, internal or external event, an escape room or any other game experience is an innovative and dynamic solution to:


  • Present the brand and its products and services
  • Share and bound around the values of the company
  • Introduce strategic content and assess their grasp
  • Strengthen relationships between stakeholders

    Digital games


    Digital games and escape rooms lead to the same benefits than on-site ones. How do I choose one over the other then? Well, it is mostly going to come down to budget and logistic considerations. Even though a digital game prevents players to interact physically with each other or with the assets of the game, it has the undeniable advantages of:


    • Having a lower price per player
    • Offering simpler logistics (reduced costs, no minimum space required, no physical asset management)
    • Simultaneously hosting thousands of players from all around the world

    Wich types of internal and external events are suited for a game?

    Internal corporate events

    Giant Escape Game

    External corporate events

    work plan 3


    ice breaker game

    Professional fairs

    plan work 5

    Product launches