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Who are we?

Collock is a team passionate about games and gamification! How do you go from discovering escape games to designing custom corporate escape games? Learn more about our history, from our first nomadic escape game to our latest digital game.

Team Collock

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Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux & Lille

Our love for games

We discovered the concept of escape rooms back in 2011 in Budapest, when it was barely known in Europe. We entered our first escape room as a group of friends, and 59 minutes and 40 seconds later, left it as to-be associates.

We debriefed and marveled at how we managed to connect information, sort out what was useful and what was not, find alternative solutions when we seemed stuck., etc. We felt so brilliant together, while we would definitely had given up had we been alone.

It was clear to us that escape rooms had the potential to tackle business challenges and appeal to professional audiences, while offering a bonding, interactive and entertaining experience.

Collock’s corporate escape rooms


Delighted players

Designed games

For 3 years, we developed our gamification and HR expertises alongside the concept of corporate escape rooms. Collock is officialy created in 2015 to market our solutions and bring to life our vision of games.


We handpicked the characteristics of escape rooms that relate the most to the business world: communication, teamwork, time management, orientation, conflict resolution, priorization, etc. ; and leverage them to their full potential in our game design.


Traditional escape rooms require players to go to a fixed location, with a maxed capacity, to play scenarios that do not get renewed that often. We have at heart to offer a model relevant to companies’ needs :

  • Physical escape rooms and games are transportable
  • Extensive range of digital games for remote situations
  • Can host several hundreds of players and are scalable
  • Customizable content and hardware
  • Available in French and English, more on request
  • Animated by professional actors
  • Backed up by field experts (cybersecurity, handicap, burnout, etc.)


Collock since 2015

2015 - Birth of the company

Collock’s adventure began in 2015: the company is created and we develop our first corporate escape room: “Heist in Dallas”

This nomadic escape room immerses players into a Texas-themed setting where players must escape the bank after the heist went wrong.

Un escape room nomade Casse à Dallas

2016 - 4 new games

Scénario Opération Nameless - jeu de collock

Collock launch 4 new games in 2016: 3 nomadic escape rooms on and our first giant escape room, on the theme of cybersecurity: Operation Nameless.

    2017 - Inside Box

    Our Game designers create the Inside Box: a giant escape room in a packaged and compact format, easily deployable and customizable to meet our customers’ requirements.

    At the same time, we opened our second office in France, located in Lyon !

    Jeu Inside Box Collock

    2018 - New games for HR uses

    L'Odyssée de l'Escape : escape game géant

    Our development continues. We launch a second giant escape room: Escape Odyssey, taking you on a journey through space!

    That year, we also design our first serious games, for training and awareness purposes.

      2019 - New offices and games

      We open 2 new offices in France, located in Bordeaux and Lille, and a new office in Budapest, in Hungary.

      We design a new escape room in a kit format, an espionage tale set in Cold War Russia, as well as 2 new awareness-raising games.

        L'Odyssée de l'Escape : escape game géant

        2020 - All about digital games!

        We design our first digital team building games to answer the need for remote solutions in the context of the Covid-19 crisis.


        • Treasure Hunt: an online escape room where your team has to be the first one to find the hidden pirates’ treasure on a mysterious island!
        • Error 1960: an online escape room where you’ve been sent back to 1960 and need to return to the present before it’s too late!