Customizable puzzle box for businesses

Inside Box

Game specifications

Team Building format
Up to 300 simultaneous players
Time: 30 to 60 min.  per session

You will like…

The game experience

The Inside Box’s concept is simple: a box closed by several padlocks. Your mission: find the different codes for each lock to open the box! With its various riddles (search, manipulation, code-breaking, algorithm, etc.), this entertaining and engaging game will mobilize all your senses and require real teamwork!

The flexibility

The real strength of this game is its great flexibility. The format can be customized to match your requirements: the duration per session or the complexity of the puzzles can be adjusted. Our team finetunes the game’s specifications and the number of boxes to your total time available, your number of players, and your objectives for the activity. Seminar, event, team building or onboarding: the Inside Box fits all your needs!

The scalability

With its small size (30x30x30cm), the Inside Box is light and easily transportable in great numbers. It can therefore be quickly installed at the location of your choice and requires minimal space: only 2 square meters per player. Each Inside Box box is self-sufficient, minimizing preparation and storage time without any sacrifice on the quality of the experience!

The customization

The Inside Box adapts to your needs and to your company’s guidelines and brand image. Customized riddles, branded boxes and assets, personalized scenarios and universes… Everything is possible to make your activity unique and efficiently communicate your messages to your employees, partners or customers!

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