Forsk - Team Building à distance avec Collock

Escape game for remote team building

Forsk, an independent software company providing operators and vendors with wireless network design and optimisation products, switched its whole workforce to teleworking when quarantine happened.

The potential loss of contact and erosion of relationships between employees themselves and with the company was a challenge. Thus, the social committee decided to organize a remote team building event to reboost motivation and strengthen team cohesion.

escape game pour un séminaire d'entreprise

FORSK’s Needs

  • Create a moment of discussion and fellowship during quarantine
  • Rekindle relationships and improve participants’ morale with an original and entertaining event
  • Include Forsk’s employees worldwide in France, United Sates and China


Escape game en kit


Digital Escape Game 

Recherche / Cadrage


Treasure Hunt

“Ahoy, aventurer! Welcome on the mysterious island where pirates came in their last days to bury their lifelong loot.”

4-5 players per team

per day for 6 days

A spirit-lifting experience which triggered valuable discussions beyond the game.

Forsk’s Social Committee

Play with us!

They played with us!