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Error 1960: our online team building game

Online team building games came out as one of the most relevant and compelling tools to nurture professional relationships and team building in our new norm of remote work.

Our online game Error 1960 takes you and your team on a 2.0 time travel: in the middle of your videoconference, a treacherous bug in the matrix sends you back in 1960! You must unite your forces to make your way back to the future through 6 decades of riddles.

Game specifications

In English or French
No player limit




How our online game helps with team building

Collock designed Error 1960 in 2020 as a collaborative online escape room to engage and motivate teams working from different locations.

Updating the codes of conventional escape rooms in an online format, Error 1960 sets an immersive, transgenerational narrative. Unveil hidden clues, pick locks, open chests, and investigate together while avoiding decoys and misleading hints!

  • Delivered within one week!
  • Low entry cost
  • Simultaneously board from 4 to thousands of players
  • Available both in French and in English

How our online team building game works

Log in


The participants simultaneously log in their usual corporate videoconferencing application: Zoom, Teams, Skype Business, etc.



A game master introduces the game to the players and directs them to their group’s channel.



Each participants joins the gaming platform through a URL link



The players collaboratively solve the riddles as fast as possible. They can ask the game master for help if they feel stuck.



When all the team have completed their mission, the ranking becomes available. The scores are based on the number of correct answers and the time needed to fulfil the mission.

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