Sexual harassment and sexism in the workplace: how to raise awareness?

Our virtual game to fight sexism in the workplace

In partnership with the MEDEF – an employers’ organization representing French companies – Collock designed a giant custom-made escape room to raise awareness on the necessity to fight sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace.

This collaborative awareness-raising game on sexism introduces the right behaviours and actions to adopt for a less harmful and stressful work environment.

Face to face

Game specifications

3 rooms
Debrief  with an expert
On-site or Remote

under timer + debriefing (~30 min)


success rate

Débrief Jeu de sensibilisation

How our game helps fight sexism in the workplace

Collock partnered with Medef to create a relevant and truly helpful game to fight sexism and sexual harassment at work. The game is composed of two steps: a 36-minute team game, followed by a 20-minute debrief led by an expert.

This on-site or online escape room aims at addressing the sexism issues, too often considered taboo, in a guilt-free and compelling way. Playing in teams, participants face specific lifelike situations to which they must react by adopting the most appropriate behaviour. At the end of the game, an expert debriefs these situations and animates the discussion between the participants.

Raise awareness of sexism at work – Our game storylines

This is your first day at Moshi Consulting as Human Resources Director. You were particularly receptive to the values of equality and equity promoted by the company, which motivated your decision to join them. You want to take this first day as an opportunity to observe how these values are expressed in the employees’ daily worklife. You decide to take a tour of the workplace.

36 minutes from now, you must present your first impressions and diagnosis of the situation to the CEO. Will you be ready?

Jeu de sensibilisation au sexisme en entreprise

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