Digital detox and fight against useless meetings

Games to raise awareness on excessive meetings and digital detox

In close collaboration with Ariane Conseil, Collock created a game to raise awareness on excessive meetings and the need for digital detox.

  • Help participants characterize their relationship with digital worlds and tools, and better understand what “digital stress” is
  • Explore solutions to balance the use of digital
  • Challenge practices and reboost the efficiency of digital tools and meeting management
Jeu Réunionite & Digital détox

Game specifications

Debrief with an expert
On site or remote

under timer + debrief (~30 min)


success rate

How our game helps with digital detox and excessive meetings?

It’s all over the news, our government has been threatened for the past days by the Raptime, a nefarious criminal organization able to steal hours, days even, to corporations and honest citizens thanks to a technology only them control: the time compressor.

They succesfully penetrated the French defense systems just a few minutes ago and claim to have stolen 1.5 hours of time per day from the entire country in order to gradually freeze the economy. However, the Raptime are known for taunting their targets and giving them a small chance to get back what is theirs.

They said the stolen time could be found behind the locks of these mysterious boxes. Our agents need support.  You have 25 minute before the Raptime definitely get away with your precious time! The success of the mission depends on you.

Use your logic and organization skills to unlock the secrets of this box!

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