Game against workplace disability discrimination

Fight disability discrimination in the workplace with “Out of the Box”

We designed our ready-to-play game “Out of the Box” in close collaboration with Ariane Conseil, a consulting agency specialized in health policies, quality of life and handicap inclusion in the workplace.

Our awareness raising game helps employees understand a handicapped or impaired person’s situation, their daily struggles at work and the potential discriminatory behaviours they may face. The game is comprised of 30 minutes of game time followed by a debrief animated by an expert from Ariane Conseil.

Game specifications

Debrief with an expert
On-site or remote

min of game time + 30-min debrief


of success rate

Modern tool

How “Out of the Box” helps you fight workplace disability discrimination

“Out of the Box” aims at sensitizing all the employees to visible and invisible handicaps and impairments in the workplace in a guilt-free and entertaining way by placing them in tangible situations animated by experts.


  • Sensitize all the company’s stakeholders: handicapped and impaired persons, employees, managers, suppliers, partners, etc.
  • Dismantle and fight biases and prejudices
  • Promote a guilt-free and positive vision anchored in day-to-day realities
  • Create a meaningful, entertaining and federating moment to define a shared culture and roadmap on the subject

A storyline designed to help fight workplace disability discrimination

As every Monday morning, your alarm rings at 8:00 am sharp and tells you to get ready for work.

However, things feel different. You suddenly realize that the world as you knew it has been transformed overnight: TV news are presented in sign language, your mail is entirely written in braille and the access ramp replacing the 10 steps outside your building almost made you fall.

You are now the only non-disabled person on Earth. Everyone else is somehow physically impaired: in a wheelchair, with crutches, deaf, blind, mute, etc. ; and the whole world and its infrastructures are adapted to them. How will you do in this unprecedented environment?

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