Lookout!: game to raise awareness on burnout and mental health

Mental health game: prevent burnout in the workplace with Lookout!

In close collaboration with Ariane Conseil, Collock designed a game to raise awareness about burnout and mental health in the workplace.

  • Understand the causes of physical and emotional exhaustion, and become aware of burnout and associated risks 
  • Identify at-risk situations or employees
  • Learn the proper behaviour to adopt in order to take care of an employee or oneself

Game specifications

Debrief with an expert
On-site or Remote

of game time + debrief (~30 min)


success rate

Qu'est-ce que le serious game

Lookout! – Our mental health game storyline

Welcome to Helio Services, a services and consulting company dedicated to helping their clients improve their working conditions and worklife quality. You have 30 minutes to visit 3 spaces and meet Helio Services’ employees. Your mission: lower the burnout risk gauge as much as you can! Analyze the situations, detect the risks and decide on the most adapted solutions.

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