A game to alert on the importance of recycling at work

Sensitize your employees to recycling in the workplace

In close collaboration with Lemon Tri – an agency specialized in recycling and sorting waste – Collock created a ready-to-play game to raise awareness on recycling at work: E-Tri.

E-Tri has a game time of 30 minutes, followed by a debrief with an expert, and can be played on site or remotely. The game introduces the right behaviours and actions to adopt to reduce the ecological footprint in the workplace.

Game specifications

Debrief with an expert
On-site or Remote

of game time + debrief (~30 min)


success rate

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How our game helps with recycling at work?

Collock partnered with Lemon tri, provider of innovative sorting and recycling solutions, to create a serious escape room to raise awareness on recycling and sustainable development at work.

The game is composed of two phases: a 30-minute team game followed by a 15-minute debrief led by an expert from Lemon Tri, who challenges with the participants the situations and issues faced throughout the session.

Games are the ideal support to sensitize your employees to recycling and waste sorting in a entertaining and educational way. It emphasizes interaction and cooperation to engage participants as much as possible!

Our E-tri escape room sets one main goal: offering the keys to becoming aware of our environmental impact in the workplace and take actions to reduce it!

Waste reduction, reuse, sorting and collection optimization are the first steps to improve your environmental impact ; creating a “Green Team” can be a second ; and including your carbon footprint report in your yearly seminar can be a third one.

A storyline designed to sensitize on recycling at work

E-tri’s planet is suffocating under waste and garbage. He sets sails through the galaxy to gather best practices and solutions to save it.

He is about to stop on Earth, but only for 25 minutes. You must give him the best advice and guidelines you can before he takes off.

Classic variation:

You are to be interviewed to integrate your company’s sustainability team.
This box at your disposal will help you review your knowledge and get the position hands down!

Be quick, you only have 25 minutes before the interview!

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