Online Treasure Hunt

Online Treasure Hunt: digital escape room for employees

The health crisis forced companies to get used to digital meetings and events, even for team building initiatives that traditionally happen face-to-face.

Normalized home office, flex office projects and the multiplication of delocalized offices draw a clear path for this format to become a new standard.

Treasure Hunt immerses your employees in 2.0 pirates’ life going on a quest to be the first to find a coveted treasure hidden on a mysterious island.

Game specifications

No player limit
English or French



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Why an online treasure hunt

Collock designed Treasure Hunt in 2020 as a collaborative digital escape game engaging and motivating teams working remotely or in a short-time working situation.

Using the same mechanics as traditional escape rooms, the group is immersed in a universe and its story to collaboratively solve numerous riddles within a set timeframe. The participants must find complementary clues by opening chests, examining scrolls, wielding a torch and uncovering hidden items.

  • Delivered within one week
  • Very cost-efficient
  • Can be completed under 60 minutes
  • Available both in French and in English

Why a digital team building?

Collaboration, communication and team building have been under stress since the Covid-19 crisis started. Many companies took it as an opportunity to upgrade their organization and management strategies and processes.

  • Developing home office
  • Reflecting on QWL (Quality of Work) and team building considerations in remote situations
  • Pondering the role of both the employees and the company

What is at stake for companies is to:

  • Foster close collaboration between teams and employees
  • Strengthen the feeling of belonging as a driving force for engagement and motivation
  • Thank employees for their efforts and loyalty

Collock created digital escape rooms to answer these various yet critical needs through a collaborative medium compatible with home office. Our online treasure hunt allows every employee to play, worldwide, whether it is from the office or the comfort of their home.

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