Escape rooms for businesses

Escape rooms for 50, 100, 1000 people in your premises !

Collock has developed various physical game formats to answer all kinds of needs for team building events: audience, number of participants, location, etc.

Giant escape rooms can welcome dozens, even hundreds of players simultaneously, at the location of your choice, in a great scale and highly immersive setting.

Giant escape rooms, compact escape rooms or strategy games: surely we have something for your next event!

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Physical escape rooms – Our formats

Giant immersive escape rooms

Giant immersive escape rooms are a life-sized experience taking dozens of teams on a unique journey and transforming your premises thanks to fun accessories, sound effects and transporting setting.

Compact escape rooms

Packaged escape games are light, easy to set up, easy to clean up and require only a small surface thanks to their digital assets. An ideal format for those with logistic restrictions!

Why choose an escape room?

Puzzle / Cohésion

Improve team cohesion

Giant escape rooms set up an ideal environment for employees to communicate freely, develop their relationships, share experiences and create mutual memories.

Accord / contrat

Facilitate onboarding

This format empowers your onboarding process by promoting the company’s values, creating a feeling of belonging for new hires and giving a dynamic image to your employer brand.

Annonce / Communication

Develop communication

Escape rooms are great tools to kick off internal or external communication campaigns: introduce your product (employees, resellers, customers, etc.), attract visitors and showcase your brand.


Our escape rooms


Collock built an extensive offer of greater scale escape rooms that can be delivered and deployed anywhere in France and border countries. Our high quality, life-sized decors transform our clients’ spaces into unrecognizable universes, brought to life by our professional Game Masters.

Offer your employees a unique and intense experience that can welcome from 20 to 250 simultaneous participants split into teams of 5 to 6.


We provide ultra-light and easy to set up solutions which can host up to 200 simultaneous players, split into teams of 4 to 6 persons. The games are led by a trained, professional Game Master and can be deployed everywhere in France and border countries.

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What are giant escape rooms?

Giant escape rooms apply classic escape rooms’ mechanics and principles to greater scales in order to create a unique experience for the largest groups. Up to a thousand players are split into teams and simultaneously evolve through the same areas and scenario.

For you, we create or adapt an escape game to your needs, time and location requirements, number of players, messages, etc. You can play one of our ready-to-play rooms, or get a custom-design one!

Benefits of an immersive escape room

This format immerses your associates in a narrated universe and encourages a healthy competition between the teams, strengthening the overall cohesion.

This activity does not require any specific knowledge. Players can fully enjoy collaborative and challenging gameplay. Communication, sharing and mutual motivation are keys of success. Players have to use their sense of observation, their curiosity, their creativity and their organization skills to win the challenge within the given timeframe.

Brief escape game géant

You will love our escape rooms for…

The game experience

This format emphasizes the players’ mobility, who can move from one place, one room, one universe to another. It also offers a great diversity of puzzles (searching, handling, code breaking, video…) to please all profiles of players. The game experience is complete and intense, and will please all participants whether they are familiar with escape rooms or not!

The player capacity

Specifically designed to welcome a large number of simultaneous players, the format enables all teams to move through different spaces and challenge each other to solve puzzles as quickly as possible. This brings forth a positive competition spirit and sets the path to collaboratively achieve common goals (saving the company or even humanity!).

The immersion

Immersive escape rooms require a minimum surface (3m² per player) to provide the players with an ambitious and surprising setting for a total immersion in the chosen universe! During the session, the gamers travel in space or break in a hackers’ hideout, rediscovering the place of the game with a fresh eye.

The customization

This format remains highly flexible: the scenario and puzzles can be adapted to your brand contents, your number of players, your desire of complexity, your available bandwidth, etc.
Collock is committed to deliver the game that meets all your expectations and requirements.

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