Escape room kits

Professional escape rooms anywhere in Europe!

Collock created an easily transportable and deployable game format: the escape room kit. Customizable, it can answer all the use cases: team building, onboarding, awareness raising, internal or external communication, training, etc.

Fitting in a box or a backpack, the game can easily be carried everywhere in Europe and takes minimal space. Our professional escape room kits will entertain your audience even with hundreds of participants.

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What is an escape room kit?

We designed our immersive professional escape room kits to offer our clients a meaningful team cohesion activity in a smart and worry-free format. Its compactness enables us to deploy it wherever you want in Europe: France, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

The concept: the scenario unfolds as as the “kit”, either a backpack or a box, is unlocked and the game assets are revealed. The teams are handed a digital tablet giving them access to further information needed to complete the mission.

The escape room kit is customizable: the content and game mechanics adapt to achieve your different objectives, the digital and material assets can be branded to match your image, values and message, and it respects your time, location and logistic requirements.

Our immersive escape room kit can welcome big-sized groups with hundreds of simultaneous players. They are split into different teams, each handed their own kit.

They play in the same area following the same scenario, creating a feeling of wholesome competition, motivating and involving the players throughout the mission.

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Professional escape room kits – Our scenarios

Inside box - Packaged escape game


Theme: Cybersecurity, IT
Mission: Open the box and take down a hacker’s attack before time runs out!
Customizable: Yes
Capacity: up to 300 players simultaneously
Time: 30 to 60 min.

Operation Major - Packaged escape game


Theme: Espionage
Mission: As the elite of Interpol, you are sent to find an agent who went missing… 20 years ago!
Capacity: Up to 120 players simultaneously
Time: 90 min.

Benefits of the escape room kit format

The escape room kit can be used for many use-cases such as team building, onboarding, communication or to raise awareness. The game is easily installed and quickly available to play. Also, every scenario includes phygital -both physical and digital- riddles to minimize the required space.

Facilitate new employees onboarding

The welcoming and friendly experience that a game provides can be a good ice breaker for the onboarding of new employees. In a playful context, it is necessary that the participants communicate, giving new employees the opportunity to meet and get to know each other.

Modernize awareness campaigns

The interactive format ensures the efficient transmission and memorization of information. Through a fun game, employees feel concerned and engaged. They become the drive of their own awareness activity or training program.

Strengthen team cohesion

The engaging escape room kit requires all the players to collaborate. It gives an opportunity to share and improve relationships to lead the group towards success.

Boost your communication

Our customizable format gives you a never-seen-before interactive display to present your products to clients or to share messages and value to the general public. It can also be used to share key announcements or information to your employees, during a seminar for instance.

Professional escape room kit for Free, national internet and phone service provider

As part of its annual “Free Day” corporate seminar designed to improve the well-being at work and quality of life of its employees, Free wanted to deploy “Free” branded activities simultaneously in 5 locations in Paris, Bordeaux and Marseille.

Collock’s solution

Format: Customized Inside Box
2400 players in a single day
Time: 10 min. of game time per session

Escape rooms for businesses – They trust us!