Immersive escape rooms

Wow your employees with our immersive escape rooms

Collock developed the concept of large-scale escape rooms specifically for bigger-sized companies so they can offer their employees a genuine escape to a neat, narrated and notoriously fun world. The format allows to simultaneously host hundreds of players !

Hackers and space-travelers, embark on various journeys with our ready-to-play games!

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What is an immersive escape room?

First, an immersive escape room is an escape game: a team progresses in a room by solving riddles to solve a mission within a limited timeframe. The difference lies in the size of the game surface, which is not a small room anymore but a large area where dozens of teams can play at the same time. Changes of scenery, accessories and sound effects immerse the participants in the universe of the scenario.

We can deploy our immersive escape rooms everywhere in Europe in the premises of your choice: offices, store, seminar location, etc. Our team of trained professionals takes care of the transportation, set up, animation and clean up of the game. Our immersive escape rooms are designed to fit your requirements: location, timeframe and number of players. The contents of the game can also be adapted to tackle the challenge you are focusing on: team building, onboarding, training, etc.

Why choose Collock’s immersive escape rooms?

Strenghten team cohesion

Immersive escape rooms require players to collaborate, bringing them to meet, talk and bond with colleagues they may not have the occasion to interact with.

Ease new employees’ onboarding

An immersive escape room can be designed to visually communicate the company’s values, breaking the ice between your new employees, introduce corporate tools and processes, but most importantly to offer them an enjoyable experience and make the best first impression.

Boost your communication

Customizable, our games can be used to present new products to clients, communicate corporate messages to employees or even promote values to consumers.

Improve awareness raising

Games are, by essence, a participative and interactive media. Players get to engage with the content, simulate lifelike situations, debrief with experts and, most importantly, integrate the key message into their daily behaviour.

 Our ready-to-play immersive escape rooms

Operation Nameless - Giant immersive escape game


Theme: Cybersecurity
Mission: Find the hacker group!
Number of players: Up to 120
Duration: 90 min.

A Escape Odyssey - Giant immersive escape game


Theme: Space
Mission: Leave Earth and save the plants!
Number of players: up to 60
Duration: 90 min.

Loste Tradi-France – Custom-made immersive escape room

The company Loste Tradi-France chose Collock to custom-design an immersive escape room specially for their internal convention, with the goal to train 150 saleswomen and salesmen. Discover the feedback of Sylvie Delourne, Marketing Director.

Solution Collock

Custom-design  immersive escape room
150 players over 3 sessions
40 min of game time

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