Game based learning

Use game based learning in your HR processes!

Modernize your training approach with training serious games. The playful and collaborative experience engage participants in their learning process, favouring the development of new skills and allowing to apply them in immersive situations.

Serious Game de Formation | Formation Ludique

The efficiency of game based learning

Better memorize content

By setting theoretical information in tangible and interactive situations, games allow employees to better retain new information and adopt new behaviours.

Improve engagement with game based learning

The game format favours participants’ engagement throughout and after the training process. They are active, mobilize different skill sets, collaborate with other players, and can get an immediate feedback on their actions.

Highlight soft skills

Escape rooms enable something that few other formats can: observing and assessing the soft skills. Through the game session, the participants use their theoretical and technical (hard) skills to crack the riddles but need to express their soft skills – adaptability, team spirit, time management, conflict resolution, etc. – to bring the pieces together, elaborate leads and keep everyone committed towards the objective.

Effects on team cohesion

Even though the main objective of game based training is to pass on information and knowledge, the format emphasizes the collaboration between employees. This is a motivation and commitment leverage to memorize content and bond with colleagues. A true asset for future projects!

When to integrate games into the training process?


At the beginning, to introduce the subject and instantly make participants more receptive to further contents.


Throughout the program as a common thread to dynamize it, make it interactive and boost participants’ engagement


At the end, as a conclusion tool strengthening the impact of the messages passed on during the training session.

Collock’s value proposition

Double expertise

Collock has a double expertise : game design and HR challenges.


To answer our clients’ needs, the whole process is based on collaboration.


Collock’s offer is 100% transportable. We take care of all the logistics and the animation.


Our games and services offer various personalization levels, in order to make the game experience as unique as possible.

The uses of gamification



Awareness raising

Change management