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Gamification and games for your onboarding process

Offering newly hired employees a thorough and compelling onboarding process is an often underestimated yet crucial step in their journey. According to Gallup, “only 12% of employees strongly agree that their company does a great job at onboarding new employees”. Not enough of an argument for you?


  • Great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%
  • 1 in 5 new hires is unlikely to recommend an employer
  • Addressing development during onboarding increases satisfaction by 3.5x
  • Soliciting new hires’feedback improves relationships by 91%
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Onboarding process: why use games and escape rooms?

ice breaker game

Games are the best icebreakers

Games offer a less judgemental and more permissive environment than traditional meetings and workshops. Requiring collaboration to be completed, our onboarding games perfectly play their icebreaker role and bring people to meet their new colleagues.

Together, they get to fulfil a mission and leave their first days with a team success as a core memory. It also allows them to share their fears and hopes about their new position and the company, breaking the feeling of isolation some of us can experience.

Make new employees operational quickly

Games, escape rooms, and more generally gamification, are great choices to modernize your onboarding processes and efficiently deliver information, especially the complex, cumbersome or critical kind. 58% of organizations say their onboarding program is focused on processes and paperwork.

Immersion being a central game design concept and priority, games and escape rooms are a compelling and reliable support to guide new employees through their new work environment: workplace, administrative procedures, tools, organization chart, corporate and IT charter, etc. You can then choose to let the players discover everything at their own pace through a gamified digital journey, emphasize interaction with the colleagues through an on-site escape room, or even do both!

Team work
Brand centered games

Employer brand loyalty starts at onboarding

Why are games or escape rooms such a great brand communication tool? They convey your identity and message at every level of their design:

  • The assets (printed sheets, notebooks, boxes, labels, guides, scenery decoration, costumes, digital interface, sound and so on) can all be customized to match your brand identity and display a strong organizational unity.
  • The gameplay (game mechanics, difficulty, pace, progression, etc.) can be adjusted to reflect the way you want to welcome new employees
  • The content (storyline, riddles, assets, rewards, animation, debrief, etc.) can be finetuned to deliver your message in the most precise and sustainable way according to your audience.

All of this ensures that your new employees will feel expected, welcome, informed, motivated and armed to take on their new position!

Onboarding process: they chose our games and gamification services

Group Carrefour, the French multinational retail and wholesaling corporation, chose Collock to modernize the onboarding day of their Program Graduates with an immersive escape room.

Our game formats for onboarding processes

Collock’s value proposition

Double expertise

Collock is the leader of the French market for games and gamification services for businesses thanks to its Game Design, Operations, Sales and Marketing teams passioned by games and dedicated to helping their clients solve HR challenges and reach further goals.


We have at heart to truly understand what makes your company unique and how you want to onboard new employees and talents. To reach that, we work in close collaboration with our clients throughout the whole project, also ensuring the respect of the requirements.


Collock takes care of the transport, installation, animation and removal of the game. All of our games and escape rooms are 100% transportable and can reach any workplace or event location in Europe and beyond! You don’t have to do anything but wait and play.

Custom design

Collock offers you various levels of personalization: A-to-Z cutom-made games, highly customizable game bank, customized ready-to-play games, out-of-the box games, digital journeys, etc. We can help you whatever your ambition is. Let’s discuss and create the best fit for you!

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