Custom-made escape room for businesses

Let’s design a custom escape room for your business needs

Looking for a unique, compelling and entertaining way to capture the essence of your brand? To promote your culture and values? To host a very special event for your employees, clients or partners?

Collock takes you on a journey to co-design the custom-made game which will perfectly fit your specifications and business needs. Using design-thinking theories and the Agile method, Collock has an extensive record of successful ambitious projects led with various industry leaders.

Together, let’s create your unique game to upgrade and streamline your processes: human resources, events, internal and external communication, prevention, training, employer brand, etc.

Game at work

Which use cases for a custom-made game?

For more than 7 years, Collock has been developing their custom game design expertise to support their customers in leading successful projects. Our deeply committed team sides up with your Project Managers to take care of all the steps of your gamification project: discovery, framing, game design, testing, delivery, deployment, animation and experience feedback.

We bring your contents, messages and brand identity together thanks to various custom-made game formats: escape room, board game, strategy game, card game, speed game, digital game, etc. Our custom game design process includes the development of a personalized topic and atmosphere relating to the targeted audience, fitting the desired duration and adapted to the number of players.

Assessing soft skills

Human Ressources

Improve and modernize employee experience, work life quality and employer brand.

Brand centered games

Corporate Events

Promote your company and wow your associates, employees, customers, providers, partners and investors during your corporate events.

Team Building

Strengthen cohesion between your teams and their members, as well as the sense of belonging.

Formats of custom escape rooms

  • On-site

Collock design the escape room alongside with its immersive decor to fit the dimensions and limitations of the available area. We also take into account the number of simultaneous players to optimize the space required by the game and offer the best experience possible.

  • Digital

We design our digital games the closest we can to face-to-face experiences in order to engage your participants and help you convey your messages to thousands of players worldwide.

  • Phygital

The smart mix of physical and digital game characteristics results in highly interactive games exploiting the best of the two worlds.

The 5 steps of custom escape room design


Whether you have only an idea or very clear specifications, our expert teams have it at heart to thoroughly understand your needs and identity. They will guide you towards the most adapted game solution. Our extensive list of references showcases the different formats we successfully delivered.


After agreeing on the game format, we officially kick off the project with a framing meeting. This sets the tempo of our collaboration: project scope, planning definition, fine-tuning the messages, exploring possible storylines, etc.


The most exciting yet decisive step of the project is the co-construction of the game’s scenario, universe, decor, riddles, materials and various assets, such as video trailers or tutorials. You remain close to the project through creativity workshops moderated by our game designers who always keep a close eye on the initial needs and specifications.


Tests are crucial to check that the prototype actually satisfies your needs. They are scheduled through the whole design and then production processes to ensure the quality of every delivered item.


We test the game one last time once it is produced and deliver the easy-to-deploy package to you. Then, we can either take care of the deployment or train your teams for an autonomous use of the game. You receive all the assets and are ready to enjoy the energy and engagement generated by your custom-made game! This seals the end of a successful project.