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Raise awareness with games and activities

It is not always easy to keep your teams engaged through educational actions. Collock’s awareness-raising escape room is a playful and compelling media to engage your associates through instructive and practical situations. You can chose among our field-proven scenarios about handicap, recycling or burnout ; or contact us to custom-design the escape game that will tackle the one topic that matters to you!

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Collock’s vision on awareness games

By encouraging communication, stimulating collaboration and emphasazing interactions, games and escape room are highly helpful tools to use in awareness campaigns.

We custom-design games or offer various ready-to-play scenarios to sensitize your employees to critical subjects such as burnout, sexism, handicap, cybersecurity, recycling or digital detox.

Every game session is followed by a debrief led by an expert on the subject. We built strong partnerships with professional agencies and consultant to bring the most valuable experience to our clients.

Why raise awareness with games and activities

Enforced best practices

Children are not the only one to learn by playing. Making the participants active and relate to concrete situations and behaviors, games are very effective teaching aids.

Guilt-free discussion

Games do not judge or sanction, they teach and stimulate. They are highly suitable tools to lift taboos and open the discussion about sensitive topics such as sexism and handicap in the workplace.

Enjoyable education

Leveraging many engagement mechanics (storytelling, competition, immersion, rewards, etc.), games represent an original and compelling way to communicate important messages.

Dynamic awareness campaign

Awareness-raising campaigns usually rely on the same methods: PowerPoint presentations, flyers, speakers’ lectures, etc. Escape rooms offer a dynamic and participative alternative to these assets.

Collock’s games to raise awareness


Nestlé: a custom-made project

Nestlé wanted an original way to raise awareness around SHE (Safety, Health and Environmental) management and reached out to Collock for a custom-made escape room.

Collock’s value proposition

Double expertise

Collock brings to you the expertise of game design applied to our knowledge of HR and business challenges.


We co-design our games in close collaboration with our clients to provide them with a perfectly fitting solution.


Collock’s games are 100% portable and can be deployed wherever you want by our Game Masters: in your offices, in your stores, at your events, etc.


Our digital and on-site solutions offer different levels of customization to make your experience unique and reflect your brand image.

The uses of gamification in the workplace




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