Recruitment games

Recruitment games to modernize your hiring processes!

Recruitment escape rooms allow you to observe your candidates in an immersive situation, assess their soft skills and offer them a fun activity – the ideal tool to bring your hiring processes to the next level!

Escape game de recrutement
Recruitment games for PWC

Recruitment games: context

Recruitment games and ecape rooms give Hiring Managers a unique opportunity to assess their applicants’ soft skills. They are not made to replace traditional and pre-existing recruitment processes, but to come as a complement to other exercises: HR interviews, language tests, logic tests, etc. This additional prism gives Hiring Managers a broader and deeper understanding of their candidates and their personalities.

Specifications of our recruitment games

Custom-design only
Minimum 4 applicants
30min to 1h per session

How our recruitment games works





Observing behaviours allows to bypass assessment bias by relying on tangible facts and getting rid of opinions and prejudices.



The observer is put in a decision-maker’s position and must issue a conclusion regarding the skills that are mastered or not mastered.



Collock puts a great emphasis on keeping an individual, human-centered approach



The game is a real tool, not a gadget, and truly serves the purpose of assessing and selecting profiles thanks to a refined methodology.

Recruitment games – What you will like


Collock’s escape rooms are brewed with empathy and ethics. We are not setting any trap: the game is honest and does force applicants to compete but teams them up instead. They progress together by giving their best.


We create with you a close collaboration from the start of the project. We custom-make the game and build an assessment sheet based on your specific needs, while you approve every step of the process. On the day of the event, our team of Game Masters set up and animate the game.


With our joint expertise in game design and HR assessment, Collock adapts to your needs, your image, your corporate values and your recruitment requirements to highlight what you are looking for.


Taking part in a recruitment escape room is often an unexpected experience for the candidates. This entertaining activity completes the hiring process with a lighter and instructive approach.

Assessing soft skills

Answering a change of paradigm 

Switching decision-making positions

The power of making the final decision slightly switched from the Hiring Manager’s hands to the applicants’ who are, now more than ever, determined to chose their company rather than just accepting opportunities.

Assessing soft skills

The new ways of working involve strong teamwork and require associates to be agile, relying less and less on hard and technical skills.

Why are recruitment games the answer?

Similarities with the professional world

Designing a recruitment escape room involves the creation of an immersive universe displaying relevant parallels with real life situations.

Clear off representation bias

Candidates do not, cannot come with the same level of preparation regarding traditional interviews. This introduces unfairness in the process, that games can completely bypass.

Behaviour transparency

In an immersive game, filters are lifted and candidates show their authentic self. They say it best: “Within a couple of minutes, we are fully immersed and forget that we are being assessed.”

Assessment through scenarios

The recruitment escape room is designed to bring the candidates’ soft skills to the front, making them objectively measurable by the Hiring Managers.

Recruitment games make soft skills observable






Result & delivery focus

The uses of gamification

Change management


Awareness raising


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