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Escape game for onboarding days

DXC Technology is an American IT service company. They frequently welcome their new consultants through onboarding days and want to improve the experience of cohesion and fellowship between new associates.

By choosing to organize and animate an escape room during their onboarding days, DXC was able to promote their culture and values to the new hires, and introduce them to their next missions and the associated business challenges. The participants are directly invested by a sense of belonging.

escape game digital de collock pour DXC technology

dxc’s needs

  • Reboost onboarding days for new hires with an innovative and collaborative format
  • Motivate new hires by taking them on a journey through the company’s culture, values and business challenges
  • Create a sens of belonging from day 1
  • Strengthen the company’s employer brand and increase employee loyalty


Escape game en kit


Customized Puzzle “Inside Box”

A game for new recruits, for each onboarding process (about once a month)


Recherche / Cadrage


Operation Nameless

“The Nameless, a group of hackers, is about to steal DXC’ Technology’s precious data. Stop them before they get away with it!”

per team

of game time

The relationship Collock was able to establish throughout the collaboration was highly precious!

Isabelle Donati, Human Resource Director
DXC Technology



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