Corporate events

Set your corporate event apart with an escape room!

Collock design ready-to-play, customized and custom-made games for corporate events in western Europe. Whether you are organizing an on-site or remote, internal or external event, our Game designers, Operation managers and Game masters will know how to create an original an friendly moment for all your guests and participants.


What kind of corporate event are you looking to organize?

Internal communication event

Your goal is to strengthen the relationships between the employees by creating bonding opportunities and communicating the company’s values.

External communication event

The external event targets an audience outside of the company. The goal is to promote your products and/or services to attract and convince potential clients, partners or investors.

Business seminars

Business seminars are the occasion to take a step back from the daily concerns and work on the strategy, the objectives and the results. It is essential to pace a business seminar with more informal moments such as team building games to strengthen team cohesion, evacuate stress, defuse situations and, most importantly, just have a good time.

Travail d'équipe
Animation Team Building

Company parties

Company parties are ideal to highlight or celebrate important milestones of the company and famous social events, such as Christmas or summer holidays for instance. Branding the event to the company’s image and customizing its content to convey the message is essential to make a lasting impression and increasing the sense of belonging.

Company anniversaries

This very special day in the company’s life is the perfect occasion to honour the performing employees, welcome the new ones and thank loyal partners and clients. It is a showcase of your ambitions. Not to say that personalizing this event will set the tone for the year to come!


Brief escape game géant

Sales animation

Companies invest in promotional operations to promote their product, service or brand, boost reputation and drive engagement. To set your sales animation apart, you must go beyond a basic product test, and offer your audience a truly unique experience they can relate to and will keep in mind.

Product launches

Going live – with a brand, a product, a service, a video, etc. – is a decisive step of any asset’s lifecycle and any development project. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Make your product launch eventful with a dynamic animation, branded contents and high quality hardware!

Boite mystère
Escape Game pour le Salon de l'Agriculture

Professional fairs

Even though professional fairs took a hit with the Covid crisis, they remain a place-to-be and place-to-be-seen for all industry players. From spearheads to underdogs, professional fairs are the occasion to meet future clients and potential partners, show off innovations, display the brand and its values, etc. Your stand must – pun unintended – stand out! An escape room or a gamified journey will drive and retain visitors to your stand.

Corporate event organization – Collock’s references


A puzzle box to bring youth to discover education programs and occupations of the manufacturing industries in a fun way


A fun way to highlight agricultural professions at the 2019 Paris International Agricultural Show, with a fully immersive 3-room escape room.

This stand won the “Most Educational” Award!


Display the service offer through an escape room


Bring the public of the “24 hours of Le Mans” to discover Ligier through a customized escape room going through the company’s history


Gather more than 1.000 international employees for a customized game in a stadium


Offer a new way to discover the “Salon du Bourget” with a special game about aeronautics. Scan the boards all over the fair to access various mini-games!