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Digital Escape Game | Remote Team building | Virtual Escape Game

Discover our digital team buildings !

This year, remote team building is one of the new trends in team building activities, usually face-to-face. However, whether it is to respect social distancing or to bring together employees working from several offices around the world, our virtual escape games help our clients to improve team cohesion or to reinforce the feeling of belonging among employees!

Remote Challenge Collock

Digital Escape Game and remote team building

In 2020, Collock created Collaborative Digital Escape Games to meet a universal need of companies: to engage and motivate teams in teleworking through team building. Particularly adapted to teleworking and confinement, this team building helps to tighten the bonds between participants. 

Our digital escape game scenarios

Discover our 2 turnkey scenarios to create a friendly corporate event!

Treasure Hunt

Transform yourself into pirates and set off to explore an island full of mysteries and be the first to find the famous hidden treasure!

Theme: Treasure hunt

Number of players: min. 4

Duration: 60mn

Error 1960

A computer bug sent you back to 1960 with your colleagues while you were in a video chat! To get back to 2021, you have to go through each decade.

Theme: Time travel

Number of players: min. 4

Duration: 60mn

Our digital story

A fun and light game to compete with other teams! Perfect for teams working from home or for hybrid events!

Panic Studio

As members of a crisis management agency, you are needed of the filming sets of successful series! You won’t run out of missions, but you might run out of time…

Theme: Series (no knowledge needed)

Number of players: min. 4

Duration: 30mn or 60mn

The Remote Challenge is a digital team building game that:

  • Borrows the escape games codes: an enigmatic journey to be solved in a group, in a limited time, immersed in a story and a universe. Participants have to search, open chests, books or boxes, discover new coins or clues, use a torch to reveal hidden elements as in a classic escape game. Puzzles, discoveries and sharing allow each participant to take part in the game
  • Offers extreme flexibility: this format is suitable for any number of participants (from 4 to several thousand, who will be divided into groups)
  • Playable in 60 minutes, or as a challenge over several days
  • Led by a game master, previously trained on the game
  • Can be deployed quickly: within a week
  • Available in English and French
  • Can have a personalized teaser for the company
  • Requires a limited budget

Escape Game Digital: its purpose

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, the good collaboration, communication and cohesion between employees has been put to the test. Since then, most companies have changed their organisation and management methods:

  • The development and intensification of telework
  • Reflections on well-being at work and team cohesion at a distance
  • The questioning of the employee’s role in the company and the added value of the company.

The challenge for companies is to :

  • Keep a link between teams and employees, working from several sites or from home
  • Reinforce the sense of belonging to create commitment and motivation
  • Thank employees for their effort and loyalty

Collock has designed the Virtual Escape Game to address these different issues and offer a collaborative remote game. An online escape game allows you to have all your employees play, from their homes or from your premises. It allows employees from different offices around the world to play together.